Figuring out people

The last day was spent in our local hospital as my daughter was suffering from a kidney infection. As we were waiting to be taken up to the ward, my 16 year old in the wheelchair, I noticed  a pare…

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Thought for the day

Never put off tomorrow what you can do today. This was engraved on our toilet roll holder when I was small, so every time I went to the loo it was ingrained on my mind. Its true though whether its outing of paying a bill or doing something you wanted to do, just do it today if you can. Today we are giving our car back to the lease holders, its a financial,move to make things better for us as a family. So although the teens arent happy, we’ll be fitter, better off and hopefully happier. This is a new ere for us as two kids at uni now and enjoying themselves to then full. Bye till later or as Theo says ‘laters’

Video blog (vlog)

I’ve just completed my fist video blog and while in was doing it In looked at myself on the video and thought I looked so sad, but no matter how much I try to look and feel happy I just don’t. It’s almost depressing. I also looked really fat old and tired. I’m now going for a run.


As I said in one of my earlier posts life can be tough and just getting through the simplest of tasks take rather a lot of effort. With art I can lose myself and gain some perspective. Its so therapeutic.

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